Wednesday, 4 November 2015

FIVE Awesome Steps To Backlinking For Bloggers On A Shoestring Budget

What is a backlink?

Joe Law gives a really great explanation in this video. Please watch. 


Step 1 - store your backlinks, because they are valuable resources

Create a folder on your computer and label it backlinks

  • Create a text file called - backlinks to sites I own.
  • Create a text file called- backlinks to affiliate offers
  • etc

Step 2  -   Use the multiplier effect to get FREE backlinks to site urls, blog posts, affiliate offers and the list goes on

Sites with .Gov, .Org and .Edu are considered to be highly authoritative. Therefore, even one such backlink to your site is highly valuable and better than even 1000 unwanted low quality types.

Step 3 - Index your backlinks  in the search engines so that the robots can track  and drive traffic to them

Click each link below to ping and and/or index your new generated backlinks at these sites:
Bulk Ping
Ping Farm
Index Kings 
  • Index Kings is my favorite because it gives thousands of backlinks 
  • click on Rapid Indexer
  • Check the Complex URLs box
       Free Indexer  - indexes backlinks with hundreds of statistics sites

  • Ping your backlinks every day

Step 4

Monitor the status of your backlinks at least once a month with this FREE backlink checker software that is equivalent to SEMrush

Click to go to Link Sphinx

Step 5

Drive traffic to your blog/site using other  FREE methods

The Kiss of the Dragon method 
Boost Alexa rankings for increased traffic
Submit your url FREE to 11 Social Bookmarking sites
Blast your Ad to millions for FREE FREE FREE 
Submit to millions in this FREE traffic system 

Please note that there are other methods for generating backlinks to websites.


Thanks to the owner at Free SEO Tools for great information. You should visit this site for a lot of FREE invaluable resources.

Please check back as this post will be updated.


Update | Sunday 15th November 2015

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