Thursday, 6 August 2015

How To Leave An Indelible Memory In The Mind Of Visitors To Your About Page

Why is the About page soooo important?

Ouch...According to the experts, the About page must share "sparkling" and  "compelling," 
information that would "reel in" the reader, thus keeping his or her interest and attention focused on your blog.

In  Best Practices For Effective Design Of “About me”-Pageswriter Mark Nutter (he is sane), warned bloggers not to overlook the About page (that is why I said "ouch"). Mr. Nutter enforced the danger of becoming "faceless" and I might add, nameless, to the multitudes of people who seek information online. . 

Your ABOUT page should be a well organized and unique reflection of yourself  and your blog. 
It should inspire the confidence of the reader.

What about the content and structure of the About page?

According to Hongkiat, bloggers should pay attention to the following when writing the About page:

  • know the target audience - tell them why your blog is important to them and how you can help them.
  • include relevant keywords that describe the blog content.
  • include links to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter. Readers can follow you online. These include business accounts.
  • keep the About page fun and interesting by use of  professional photos and graphics. 

I recently began adding the MAIN BLOG TOPICS to the About page in order to give the reader an idea of the blog content. I then linked these topics to the LABELS.  I hope this will arouse the reader's curiosity and interest and retain them on the blog for a longer period of time.

This strategy is an adaptation of the blog silo structure and is an example of internal linking, giving what the experts refer to as "link juice," since the search engine robots will follow these links to the respective pages. This is great for indexing of your site online.

Check out this example from this How To Blog On Google Blogspot.   Cheers.

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