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You are here because you are 
a beginner. You're interested in learning to blog, wondering 
if you can do it, if blogging is something high flown and technical. I too felt that way when I first started.

My name is Mercedes Coleen Moss and I am a blogger. I've blogged mainly on WordPress.com, but possess some experience setting up blogs on WordPress. org.  However, for some reason, these blogs have had strange incidents on various web hosting platforms.

Burnt by web hosting services, I decided to satisfy my love for blogging on Google Blogger, mainly because there are no restrictions to monetization.  I will get back to WordPress.org soon, after I decide what web - hosting service to try next.

I'm writing this blog because I love to share information that would enhance the lives of others. I believe that blogging is one way that I leave my mark on the planet and share my versatility, uniqueness and creativity with others. 

Well, enough of me. This blog is a work in progress, designed to satisfy your need to share your ideas with the world and maybe make some income.  I hope you will like it here and that you will add this blog to your armory of blogging resources.


Here's what  you will learn:                                                                          

  1. How to start a blog on blogspot
  2. Blog content
  3. Blog architecture
  4. Brand Reputation And Authority Blogging
  5. How To Optimize Your Blog
  6. How to promote your blog
  7. How to earn money blogging
  8. How to stay fit and healthy while blogging

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Thanks for visiting
Mercedes Coleen Moss


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