Monday, 17 August 2015

Blog Distribution Channels

What is a blog distribution channel?

Archangel Michael coined  the term blog distribution channel this morning. Since blogs contain information  that the owners want share to a wide audience, a blog distribution channel,  in my mind, is the same as a communication channel and can be defined as:
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one or more routes through which blog content is transferred. 

This channel consists of a cycle which involves the:

  • sender - blog owner
  • message - blog content
  • receiver 
  • subscribers, people searching online for the content. They must interpret the message. The receivers will become subscribers, followers, fans, friends etc if the message appeals to them. 
  • These are the people whose lives the blog owner hopes to improve. We must therefore think of them as PEOPLE rather than as as LIST or NUMBERS. In so doing, content will be kept meaningful and we will not attempt to scam them by promoting inferior content or products with alluring words.
  • feedback 
  • is the message sent by the receiver back to the sender. It can be verbal or non verbal.
  • consists of comments, likes, dislikes, subscriptions, un - subscriptions, follows etc. 
Routes through which blog content can be distributed

This list and related examples are not exhaustive:
- Email and newsletters to email subscribers
RSS feeds
- Blogs 
  • commenting on other people's blogs.
  • Guest posting.
- Blog Carnivals 
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- Blog communities 
- Website Directories such as DMOZ 
-  RSS Feed Aggregators such as Google Feedburner, RSS6 etc
- Video Aggregators - YouTube, Vimeo 
-  Social media networks - Google+, Facebook, Twitter. I recommend that you connect your blog to Google+ by going to NEW POST - GOOGLE+ and your settings will come up. 
-  Social bookmarking networks - Stumbleupon, , Reddit, Newsvine 
-  News  Media via press releases - PR Web
- Ad Networks - USA Free Ads
- Search Engine Indexes and directories - Google, Yahoo, Bing. There are directory submission software available. Remember content is king and your blog will show up online when the search engines find content.
-  Article directories such as Ezine Articles. I used to submit manually, then via a plugin on platform. I think you will love my article, Once Upon The Internet. I really wrote it. 
-  Link Exchanges
-  Image directories - Pinterest. You can connect and post automatically to Facebook

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