Thursday, 13 August 2015

Case Study: Are There Any Benefits To Generosity Blogging?

Ello...generosity blogging?!!! What is that?

Generosity blogging is a term that I just phrased to describe the benefits that bloggers and site owners enjoy when they give away a product.  

I decided to experiment with giving away a physical product and ran a small experiment on  Prayer and Praise Power Ministries in the early hours of this day. While I do give away a lot of  valuable information (without which we perish), I wanted to teach my readers about giving by example.

ALT="Book On Prophets By Mercedes Coleen Moss"

Many of us believe that more gains can be enjoyed by giving rather than trying to scam people for their hard earned cash. However, there are some bloggers and internet marketers who prefer to rob and scam people. Believe you me, I have bought many a product that can only be described as worthless in the long run.  

Shortly after midnight on August 13th 2015, I gave away Chapter 1 of a Book on Prophets that I had written in 2004/2005.  By the way, you need a true Prophet in your life in order to live. The false prophets of satan will give you information, but satan is mean and you lose more in the end. You know about how he runs his church. Many of you are in it.

About the gift 

I had tried to publish the  Book on Prophets  in 2005, but the publishers were not interested. I subsequently began my blogging journey earlier in 2006, and migrated to WordPress in September of that year according to the archives at   Prayer and Praise Power Ministries.   

During that journey, I joined the email lists of  many an internet marketer and learnt quite a bit. E - book creation, software and marketing were on the list and I had planned to begin publishing in 2011 with tools that I had accumulated en route. However, I had to lay the dream aside because the Father asked me to put it on hold.  Now I am inspired again to publish the book and decided to give away a chapter on the home blog. 

I must take this opportunity to thank the internet marketers and bloggers who gave away software, e - books, free subscriptions and many other products that formed the foundation of my knowledge base today on the industry. I am also appreciative of the search engine companies that give free email subscriptions and a host of other products that we would not be able to pay for. 

Your generosity is the reason you are so blessed. Christ said that anyone who gives will receive an immeasurable abundance in return. It's a law of the Kingdom. 

I'd like to offer you this gift as an expression of appreciation and hope that you enjoy it.  Please click on either of the links to download your FREE copy too.

I did two variations of the gift to make certain that it was highly accessible to visitors, then placed it one on a page and post respectively. The post was published on August 13th, 2015 at 12. 17 am EST and the page around the same time. I then signed into and added each link to the data base, then accidentally put them into the archives. I had been blogging for hours and was just too tired to add them again. However, I thought that WordPress stats would work just fine. 

This morning I signed in again to bitly and added the urls. Will people download this gift? Is this something that they are interested in? I will do additional promotions to target groups on Facebook and update you on the outcomes of this experiment. 

A simple guide for beginners

  1. Decide on the product - it should be relevant to your niche. I'll add a list of resources that provide free e - books and other things that can be given away.
  2. Upload it to the blog.
  3. Add to a page, post or sidebar and publish
  4. Grab the url of the post or page on which the gift was published.
  5. Sign into -url tracking and shortening service.
  6. Add the url into the box 
  7. Check your stats on a regular basis
  8. Use social media networks - fanpages, groups etecera to share your gift.
  9. The gift can also be given away to people who subscribe to your blog. I will write a post about this. 
Cheers. Thanks for reading.  

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