Monday, 21 December 2015

Google Express | A Review By Mercedes Coleen Moss

How I found Google Express

I found it when I visited on of my new found goodies online. Yes, ladies and gents, welcome to Google Express, a membership shopping site that offers you the best online shopping and delivery from some of America's leading stores.

This is how you can shop with Google Express

According to the Company, you can:

  • Shop at popular local stores like Target and Costco
  • Add items to your cart
  • Choose when you want delivery from each store
  • arrange for same-day or overnight delivery .via a driver 

My experience on the website

I explored the site briefly to see what it could be like to shop there. First, I was greeted by a dialogue box that registered my zip code then asked for my street address. This is one example of Google's expertise with highly targeted search, allowing me to shop in my locale.  

Stores are currently available for the following areas:

I found that the site was  sharp and clean, visually appealing, very well structured and fast. Customer reviews on the products give great feedback for shoppers and I love the ease with which they were added to the cart. You know what I mean if you ever shopped on a site where the cart gave you hell.

When you click on the product categories, one is provided with instant product comparisons to enhance the shopping experience. How cool is that!

No, I am not an affiliate. I'm just tracking Google to see how they do things. They do come very highly recommended by the best of the best. Also you support charitable causes when you shop with Google. Think of  what changes you would make in the planet.

Happy shopping!

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