Sunday, 18 October 2015

1 Week Old Blog Ranks On First Page Of Google Search

Success with ranking 7 day old blog - Uncommon Disease Cures

Recently I've been studying and implementing blog ranking strategies and have been experiencing good success with several new blogs.  I also have developed my own secret, simple techniques for showing up on the first page of the search engines. It takes a bit of labor, but is enjoyable for the most.

Here are the results for the 7 day old blog Uncommon Disease Cures. The page that is ranked in Google was actually added today.


My secret ranking strategy is consistent with different blogs

Lyndon Moss, Lyndon Moss Guitar, Lyndon Moss Guitar Solo and Lyndon  also are on page 1.


We share Page 1 with the search term Feedburner 

Blog Feeds Subscribe to RSS headline updates from ... is number 3

Lyndon Moss Guitars Subscribe to RSS headline updates ... - is number 7 


Other ranking successes

Moss and Mercedes Moss placed number 2 and  3 for their respective searches, with the latter sharing the same page with the indomitable and incomparable Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Coleen and   Coleen also enjoy similar successes.



I plan to document my secret sauce in an upcoming e - book, but the key is in Blog Networking. Take a look at this blog and the others in its network and you will see what I mean. This is the capital blog.  LOL. Cheers.

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