Monday, 10 August 2015

THREE Absolutely Delicious Reasons To Blog On Google

Why should you blog on Google blogger?

Blogger receives quite a bit of tongue lashing for various reasons, but in my opinion, it is a great platform for a beginner. I began here in 2005, but migrated to WordPress because of my frustration with the slow growth in traffic and inability to manage some of the more technical elements. 

Now I am back, a more informed and  mature blogger. I am able to transfer information that I learnt on WordPress. org. Mind you, I have not broken up with WordPress, but one of its main limitations is the security holes. Twin that with a bad web - hosting service and your blog runs into trouble even if you use security measures to the best of your ability to avoid being hacked.

In the last scenario, my blogs were hacked and hacked even though I had a number of  security measures in place. My last resort was to change the login url and still I was hacked. In my wildest imaginations, I sometimes wonder if ...

When the hacking and wierd events happen on more than one web hosting service, one becomes burnt out with the drama and inconveniences caused, by the loss of time and income invested in the blogs. Giving up is not an option, because blogging has captivated me with its allure.

So I returned to Blogspot, while I hold at arm's length, still thinking longingly of all the things I would like to do. I was pleasantly surprised on my return at the degree of progress. It is more user friendly, with customizations that were not present in 2006 thereabouts. In spite of its limitations, I found four awesome reasons to blog here. 

The first reason to use Blogger

I love the ease with which the blog integrates with Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, the Search Console for site map submission and the Custom Search Engine.  These aspects of optimization become easier as there is no need for plugins. This is particularly great for the beginner.

I had no problems verifying sites. For some reason, I always have to request the web host to upload the verification code on the WordPress platform as in most cases it never works regardless of what I do. On Blogger the analytics code is automatically installed into the blog once it is registered.

I loved it that I was able to install the Google  Custom Search Engine on a sub - domain. This was heaven. I just plugged the code into the widget and it was over. 

The second reason why Blogger is easy to use

I found that it was super easy to structure the blog content into a silo. A silo structure produces a tightly themed blog which is easy to navigate. 

Activity - see how posts in each theme are presented when you click on the relevant label in the side bar

  • Go to the right side bar and locate the labels or categories.
  • Click on How to optimize your blog.
  • All of the posts written under this theme will be presented. You can read to your heart's content without being distracted by content from another theme. 
  • The silo structure therefore enhances keyword search and presents more relevant findings to the reader. 

Read more about how to construct the silo in the post Review Of The Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO) By Moz.  

The third reason to love Blogger

We take it for granted, but once you log into Gmail, you are also instantly connected to a wide range of Google services including Blogger, You Tube and other tools that the site owner can use for his or her business. Google Drive can even be used to host a website!

How sweet is that! Gmail can even be customized as an autoresponder. Now where will I find that e book on my desktop? Hmmm.

Have you signed up yet? Start blogging today and sign up to receive updates from this blog. I hope to see you soon. Cheers.

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