Monday, 10 August 2015

How To Marry A Facebook FanPage To Your Blog For Search Engine Visibility

Engaging with a Facebook FanPage for your blog creates a wonderful formula for appearing in Google search results 

I'm writing this quick post to share observations about the effects of a Facebook Fanpage on the search engine visibility of this blog. Upon starting the blog in late July 2015, I took the following steps to index the blog with Google:

  • registered the blog with Google blogs (still need to register with Yahoo and Bing).
  • registered with Google webmasters and verified ownership.
  • created a site map in the Google Search Console.
  • asked the Google bot to crawl the search engine via the Search Console.
  • created a feed at Google Feedburner and registered it at Feedage.
  • used website indexing software to index the blog in the search engines.
  • wrote and pinged the posts at Pingomatic and Pingoat.
  • pinged the blog at Google Ping.
  • organized the blog into a silo structure.
  • updated the blog with mainly unique content, although rather slowly. 

Alas, the robots ignored the blog in spite of these antics, giving no hint that they were aware of its existence. I knew this because results did not appear when I typed in the name or url into Google Search.

ALT="when indexing attempts failed at How To Blog On Google Blogspot"

 Light appeared at the end of the tunnel

I was inspired to create a fanpage to index the blog rather than for social networking purposes. Don't misinterpret me. I always link my blogs to facebook anyway, but this is a bonus since Facebook is always crawled by the search engines and is a highly visible site with impressive metrics:

source: Page Rank

The strategy to index via facebook was based on an observation I made with Online Promotions SVG, a blog that I set up in July to test an idea that I read about in an ebook.  

After linking Online Promotions SVG  to that famous social media site, I noted that the blog and its Page both showed up on the first page of search whenever I typed in the blog url or name. 

Therefore, on Sunday 9th August, 2014 I set up a Facebook Fanpage about 4 pm EST in order to correct the problem of this blog being under the radar. However, I could not enter the name of the Fanpage due to quirks being experienced by Facebook. As a result., I was unable to add the code for the Facebook Page Plugin to the blog. I gave up, designed a welcome page, added some videos and invited one friend to like the page.

I reported the problem on Monday 8th August 2015 at about 11. 30 am EST since it still existed:

The astonishing discovery that I made about the speed with which the blog was indexed after the fanpage was created

Unable to proceed further, I logged out of  the social media platform and typed the blog's url into Google search. To my astonishment,  the post that I had written this morning on backlinking showed up in the first page of the search results.  I was quite delighted. 

I attribute this to the link that I created with Facebook yesterday. I will test this hypothesis with other blogs as I set them up.  Maybe you should test it to determine if this is an accurate statement.

Here's a  picture. I had made an error in the dates and it should be Sunday 9th rather than 8th August. I've lost track of dates as I am on vacation...

ALT="how to increase search engine visibility of blog with facebook"

The post, which I edited considerably, was published on Monday 9th August after 5  am  EST and appeared almost immediately in the search results, showing up at 5. 32 am.  This is the hyperlink to the Google+ post.

ALT="rapid blog indexing with a facebook fanpage connection
Thanks for reading.

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