Thursday, 20 August 2015

How Archangel Michael Got Lyndon Moss' Blog Unto Front Page Of Google Feeds

Archangel Michael's instructions

It is Thursday 20th August 2015 at 10. 45 a.m. EST. I am trying to get to Mobile Apps, but I had the most amazing revelation. Just yesterday, I edited my brother's You Tube channel to make it ready for business promotion, updated his Google+ page and added a blog to the link wheel. 

This morning, Archangel Michael gave me the following instructions for promotion of my brother's YouTube channel. The Archangel told me to promote the You Tube channel like this (we know YouTube is highly trafficed video sharing and social media site):

ALT="Lyndon Moss' new blog is on google front page"
1. Find Guitar channels that have a minimum of 1000 views in the niche.
2. Create a playlist and add these channels to the list.

3. Subscribe to each channel

4. Comment on each leaving a link

I did all of the above and linked each comment to his Google+ page.  This is the SPANISH GUITAR PLAYLIST on his YouTube account.

Part 2 of the amazing discovery

I went to my blog and added his URL to my blog network. I then had the bright idea to add the HTML from his Google Feedburner Buzz Boost to my blog network feeds to tighten the network noose and to add content to my blog. Somewhere in my dreams I will become a mini feed aggregator perhaps.

For some reason, I could not find the log in to his Feedburner account, but accidentally found the URL to the Google Feedburner blogs.   Check it out here.  

Curiously, I typed in the phrase guitar music and got these results. I nearly fell off my headquarters (my bed). I have been exclaiming and amazed ever since:

The SPANISH GUITAR PLAYLIST was posted from the blog LYNDON MOSS to his Google+ at  9. 10 a.m. That first video is way down at the bottom of the page.
 Less than one hour later at 10. 47 am, I discovered that the blog post had hit the  front page of  Google search +  after I followed the instructions given to me byArchangel Michael.

Not only that, the first on the page was one of the YouTube channels that I had just added to the playlist SPANISH GUITAR and subscribed to. 

ALT="Lyndon Moss' new blog on Google Front Page"







Lessons to be learnt

Archangel Michael  recommends that any business worth its salt needs to have the following connections:

  • a well optimized  YouTube channel.
  •  an active and well optimized Google+ account. I note that people with even minimal followers and interaction are getting a large number of page views.  Think of what would happen if this is scaled up.
  • a blog enhances the mix because it provides another platform for promoting the other media.
  •  Google has designed  a POWERFUL link wheel between YouTube, Google+ and Blogger.  The connections are automatic and seamless. Try it today.

I had been planning to add videos to my blogging arsenal, but here is proof. I hope that you will implement this simple strategy in your business today. It is so easy to subscribe to another channel and comment from the playlist - seamless really. Have a great day. Thank you Archangel Michael.



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