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Case Study: Do Automated Traffic Bots Increase Visits To A Blog?

Automation in blogging

Merriam - Webster (2015) defines automation as the replacement of human labor by processes, systems and apparatus.  Search engine companies, website owners, internet marketers and others in the industry use a variety of tools to automate tasks. In my opinion, it would be extremely difficult to even promote a blog and to be found on line without this wonderful facility.

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I must confess that I love automation. Software, plugins and other tools ease the burden of manual labor required for online tasks such as search engine indexing, blog submission to directories, website ranking with tools such as WEB CEO (no longer free),  article and feed (RSS) submission and many more.

Entire companies are built around automation. These include search engine companies, website surfing companies to name a few.

ALT="what would happen if humans crawled the internet manually?"

I received quite a few of these website promotion software in giveaways quite early in my blogging journey and can attribute increased site visits to their usage.  Moreover,  labor would be long and intense and the blogger's reach would be minimal without the reasonable use of software. I say reasonable because there are spammers and hackers who use software to bombard websites for nefarious purposes.

How many submissions does a blogger or marketer need to make in order to have any kind of online presence? 

Think of what would happen if the search engine companies did not use robots to crawl the  web.  

Humans would need to put on cyber surfing suits to find the massive numbers of sites and databases online.

By the way, what about the Deep Web?

The interface of the traffic automation software

Always needing to automate so my time could be free to write and enjoy life, I found a nifty little piece of  traffic delivery software online and used it a few times.  The interface is pretty simple to use and it gets results.  

Assumption: traffic automation software would increase visits to the blog.  

I decided to test the tool on Wednesday 12th August to show readers the effects before giving it away as I really cannot remember the source. The owner makes money by ads integrated into the interface, so he or she will benefit when more people have access to the product.

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  • Required page count - enter desired number of hits to the blog.
  • Interval - interval between hits. I usually leave this alone.
  • Webpage - enter site URL then ADD.  You can add more than one URL.
  • Import - import a list of URLs from the desktop.
  • Use proxy - hide your IP address to avoid appearing like a spammer.
  • I use VPN open source software, It is free to use for about 4 - 5 hours after which it shuts off. However, you can surf from about 7 sites, but you would need to change the location manually as the software does not do this. That is very easy to do. 
  • Remember to hit the START button to start. 
  • You can end at any time.

Grab  your FREE VPN to hide your IP address  and avoid being blocked by the search engines.

Results - did the traffic automation software increase blog visits and engagement?

Usual traffic patterns

  • 2015 WordPress stats show that the average daily visits between January to July ranged from 276 - 335.
  • Average daily visits between Wednesday 5th to August 11th ranged from 233 to 310 (Table 1). 
  • Each visitor viewed 0.7 or 1 page on average.

      Table 1 Comparison between views and visits 
                    for August 5th to 11th, 2015

DAY                       VIEWS              VISITS 

5th                             326                     276
6th                             319                     254
7th                             330                     244
8th                             331                     252
9th                             381                     299
10th                           402                     310
11th                           373                     301

AVERAGE               352                    277

12th                          536                    318

What happened on August 12th, the day the traffic machine was used?
  • Blog had 318 visitors and 
  • The average number of visits remained almost the same
  • Page views increased by 63.5% 

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Traffic stats for Prayer and Praise  Ministries
August 5th to 12th , 2015


It seems that the robot did not have an effect on the number of site visits on that day. However, there was an increase in page views that could be attributed to two provoking articles of public interest in the United States. 

Click these links to read

The stats show that work needs to be done on visitor engagement as the number of page views per person is low. Videos and other features could be applied.

This test could be improved upon and fine tuned as I noted on other occasions that the robot does indeed deliver traffic when used over a few days. Cheers. Thanks for reading.

Click the link below to download the Traffic Automator. You may find it useful.


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