Monday, 3 August 2015

Review - How To Make Money With Infolinks

What is Infolinks?

Several bloggers verified that Infolinks, an advertising agency, is a great source from which bloggers can monetize their blogs. Bloggers earn cash by displaying Infolink ads which can be automatically added to the blog. 

STEP 1: How to sign up for Infolinks

I found that the process was quite easy.  Go to and signup using your Facebook profile or any email address.

      Click this link to register

How to signup on Infolinks

STEP 2: Add the Infolinks widget to your blog

STEP 3: 1-Minute Integration

After doing step 2, I was logged out of infolinks, but reentered the site to see the 1 Minute Integration message which I had already done in Step 2. 

STEP 4: Pending Application

Thanks for checking in! Your application is still being processed. We will notify you by email when your application is approved and Infolinks is activated on your site.
In the meantime, you can complete your 1-minute integration to expedite the application process. You can also start thinking about advanced tools to enhance your Infolinks experience including:
  • Consider additional websites you might want to add upon approval
  • Customize your ad units - to suit your website's unique look & feel
  • Turn on additional products - to maximize site monetization
Source: (2015).   I'll update you on my progress. Cheers.  


  Click this link to register 

Update - 4th August 2015

Yipee!!! The  ads are now on my site From Breakup To Makeup although the content points back to them. I will ask Infolinks  to fix this issue. While in the back office, I took the opportunity to customize the ads to be placed on my blogs and particularly enjoyed doing this.  

Update - 6th August 2015

Did I say "Yipee" too quickly? All the links have been pointing to Facebook since yesterday. I need to report this. I hope I do not have to divorce

Update: 8th August 2015

All links remain pointed to Facebook even though I reported the problem. I noted that other blogs had the same problem, even one of the Google blogs. I edited some of the settings and will monitor the situation.

You will surely find these links from industry leaders useful as I did

How to Make Money Blogging

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